Bobrisky makes N8.7m monthly

Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky took to his famous snapchat to brag about how much he makes, and it’s quite a lot.

He revealed this while pondering on whether he should fly a private jet back to Nigeria.

“Hoping to book a private jet to bring the Queen of all queens [bobrisky] to Nigeria soon, still thinking though”, he wrote.

In an apparent bid to quash his critics who will complain about his spending on a private jet, he listed out how he makes money daily and yearly average, telling people beefing him to focus on themselves.

“Some of you might be asking where is Bobrisky geting money to do all these? My cream alone full package is $400. Sometimes, I sell three or two in a day. Let’s say two, multiply that by 2 days [400 x 2] That is $24,000. Multiply by another 365 days, $288,000”

So according to Bobrisky, he makes $24,000 (N8.7 million) monthly and $288,000 (N104 million) yearly.

And he said this doesn’t include his earnings from events, adverts, promotions and meet and greet.


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