Ghanaian movie industry is dead – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson is tired of the situation she sees in the movie industry, especially in the Ghana film sector where the actors are more concerned about looking good than they are about ensuring their industry goes farther than it is.

After the Ghana Movies Award that took place on Saturday, Nelson took to twitter to talk to Ghanaian actresses who failed to win all the important awards.

“Although we would want to believe that every award is important, we should also note that some are preferred than others especially when it relates to awards that judge the competence and growth of the industry.”

According to the actress, “The Ghanaian movie industry has lost its way and the stakeholders can’t even see it, but they are moving forward into the lost direction.”

She went further to state that the effort they put in slaying on the red carpet should be put into the industry for a better story telling and total growth.

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