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My most dramatic day in court

The Kwara State Solicitor-General/Permanent Secretary, Barr. Funsho Dada Lawal bagged her LL.B in 1984 from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in Osun State. She proceeded to the Nigerian Law School and was called to bar in 1985. Upon her return to Ilorin, she had a brief stint at her uncle’s chamber; Chief Arosanyin & Co. before observing the compulsory one year NYSC programme in the state Ministry of Justice between 1985 and 86. Owing to her meritorious service, she was employed by the Ministry as the State Counsel in 1988. She however rose through the ranks.

In this interview, she shares with KAYODE ADEOTI her most dramatic day in court as a legal practitioner.

It is still very fresh in my memory; the day a male colleague dressed me down in court. Oh! It was quite dramatic for me. It was as if the court acted in consonance with him because he was not cautioned. In the court, there is a covering to checkmate any counsel from either side going beyond limit, because, there is limit for every counsel in court. When a counsel tends to be scandalous or vexatious, the court has the power to caution such a person but surprisingly, he was allowed to enjoy himself insulting me, there was nothing he didn’t say, though he later apologised but the deed had been done, I couldn’t just fathom what prompted such personal grievance from him.

The matter in court that day was on chieftaincy; when you want to abuse somebody and you decorated it by saying the person is economical with the truth you know what that means. He went on to say all sorts of things to me. I was trying to clarify myself that what on earth will make me lie in a case I have no interest in, I was just standing for the government. And government does not take chieftaincy title neither do civil servants, we are forbidden from taking it, therefore, I didn’t have any interest.

My line of defence was for clarification of the issue. Just to give the staff on office to the rightful person recognised by government. However, there is no reason justifiable enough for him to be aggrieved or for him to take me up personally and dress me down in court.

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