Beyonce, Jay Z hires 18 employees for twins

International music stars, Beyonce and Jay Z spends thousands of dollars on their kids  
The new borns are named Sir and Rumi while their eldest sister, Blue Ivy is 5 years old. 
The Carters are definitely not sparing any expenses when it comes to their newborn twins. The billionaire couples have reportedly employed eighteen employees for their kids. Their newly born twins are getting the best treatment in the world and they have the Benjamins to pay for it.  
The couple who just welcomed two additional bundles of joy to their family added 18 more employees to their pay roll to look over the affairs of their home. According to reports, the couple have added 18 more people to their payroll. Including additional security, upgraded bulletproof vehicles, six nannies, two maids, and a 24/7 rotating team of nurses. 
Beyonce and Jay Z are big time earners and never reluctant to spend it on their off springs. To them, money ain’t thing and they will do anything to ensure the safety and comfort of their precious children. 
They also just moved into their $25million Malibu mansion so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would want to add over a dozen more employees to their already sizeable staff.

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