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Fake prophets, teachers ‘ll lead many to hell, cleric warns

By Daniel Ayantoye

The Regional Pastor, Peculiar Gospel Outreach Ministries, Olasehinde Folorunsho, has warned that  activities of fake prophets and teachers will lead many Christians to hell fire.
Speaking during the Sunday school service in Ilorin yesterday, the cleric noted that the devil is out with his cohorts to mislead people through diverse ways, which will eventually lead them to eternal damnation.
“Something more dangerous than persecution to our Christian faith is the activities of false prophets and teachers who seek to lure Christians with their false teachings. An act which could lead many to hell fire.
“The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus has come to give us and I mean everyone that is willing to accept him,  life in abundance, ” he added
While urging Christians to be watchful, he admonished  them on the need not to give up amidst persecution, discouragement from others and current economic situation, on the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Speaking on the topic: Enduring to the End, the Cleric explained that enduring is sticking to a task or conviction against all odds, adding that It involves perseverance and refusal to give up no matter the condition.
“It is easy for Christians to confess endurance openly but when the test of endurance comes to them, they fail often. The fact is either we like it or not our faith shall be tested when we give our lives to Christ” he added
Reading from Matthew 10:16-22, Gal 6:9, James 1:12 and Rev 2:10-11, Olasehinde said though troubles and temptation may last long they will not last forever.
“The secret of our ability to endure to the end lies in our trusting in Jesus Christ and obeying his commands. The believer must trust God to give him patience to endure when obedience seems difficult and dangerous,” he added

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