7 Skin care for rainy days

Rainy days bring relief from the extreme heat that causes sunburns, tans, sweaty and stinky days but along with the cold weather brings different kinds of infections.

Rainy season is a refreshing season makes everyone feels that beauty tips can be put aside for sometime but one has to remember the hazards of bacterial infections and take care of them. Below are some beauty tips for rainy days.

Avoid oil based makeup products: Don’t do heavy makeup on a rainy day, use waterproof or a gel-based eyeliner, mineral-based foundations, matte lip colour during rainy season.

Water for glowing skin: Dehydration is one of the main issues faced during the rainy season, dehydrated skin can lead to many unwanted problems, therefore dehydration must be prevented so drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and flush away all the toxins which accumulate inside your body.

Coconut oil massage: It is known fact that it is very humid during the rainy season which creates itchiness on the scalp so make sure you do warm coconut oil massage.

A conditioner is a must during rainy season: Wash your hair gently with shampoo and conditioner and make sure you avoid rain water on your hair, it is very important to retain the moisture and avoid blow dryers instead use a towel to dry your hair.

Wear synthetic clothes: On rainy days wear synthetic clothes as they dry quickly but be sure to go around with an umbrella as well as a cardigan.

Moisturise your skin frequently: This will help in the keeping the outer layer of your skin properly hydrated, thereby leaving it with a soft, supple and moist look.

Keep an eye on your diet: Your diet always reflects on your skin so, remember not to follow an improper diet, eat fresh foods, more intake of fresh vegetables and fruits will help your skin remain fresh and healthy throughout the year, be it any season therefore, one must make a habit to eat healthy food and maintain a good diet which include fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits.

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