Why Davido was detained in Ghana

OBO crooner, Davido wasn’t allowed to leave Tamale, Ghana because a promoter claimed he owed him and had to refund his money.

Controversial artiste Wanlov in 2016 made headlines in a lyrical battle with D-Black in which he claimed D-Black had duped Davido during a concert in Tamale.

Clarifying the issue in a live Facebook chat, D-Black denied duping the ‘If’ hitmaker by giving a background on what really transpired on the night.

“It was a weekend show but Davido had left Nigeria to London and said he was going to come to Ghana after London.

“But, on the day he was supposed to leave, he called me and said he left his Nigerian passport back in Nigeria so he couldn’t make it to Ghana.

“He asked me to talk to the promoter so; we postponed the show to two weeks after.

“But, mind you, that’s not ‘Sala’ anymore – the festival was over,” he added.

“Davido came two weeks later and it was hectic getting to Tamale and when we got to Tamale, the promoter had booked the stadium and was expecting 30,000 people.

“Now, when we got to the show, only half that number showed up, so after the show, around 3am, the promoter went to Davido and asked him to refund all his money.”

According to D Black, it became a long argument and the promoter cancelled all the flights back to Accra and insisted he won’t let Davido leave until he gets all his money back but said they never really spoke about it.

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