1) Be Friendly with Neighbours: Maintaining a positive relationship with your neighbours go a long way in ensuring a safe neighbourhood. This breeds a lookout situation for every suburb and thus guarantees a watchful and vigilant locality.

2) Simple Lifestyle: Living a simple and responsible lifestyle thoroughly drives off attention from criminals and hoodlums. Conducting activities moderately and avoiding glitz and glamour help to make one less of a censurable and threat personality.

3) Be Vigilant: Being alert and watchful is a wisdom element. Every individual has to be sharp spirited and psyched up to happenings around them. Be observant, be perceptive and report any unwholesome/unusual behaviour immediately to the appropriate authorities.

4) Never Give Out Information Carelessly: This seems rather normal for most Nigerians, secret memos and data leak out of our lips either willingly, in pubs or even in an atmosphere of hysteria. Always ensure cogent information about you or members of your family are shared amongst those trustworthy. Never give vital information to persons unfamiliar to you.

5) Keep Gadgets Close at Night: Over the years, it has become common knowledge that having gadgets like radios, phones (loaded with airtime) and even the torchlight close to our easy reach permanently helps us during danger times. SOS Phone calls help to save lives as well as other home appliances.

6) Ensure Availability of Home Security Equipment: For the Home, security has never been a more talked about situation than now. Basic security appliances like lights; windows, doors and gates should be available and secured at nighttime. Doors should be locked, curtains drawn and gates closed.

7) Identify Weaknesses: Every individual/corporate body should always note the weaknesses in their home/organization and work hard to solve it. Weaknesses such as bad locks, a bad door or even a faulty bulb could be an incentive for opportunistic theft and thus attract burglars.

8) Avoid Late Night Outings: Taking the security situation of the country into consideration, it is wise for individuals to keep off late night activities. Depravity, evil doings and libidinousness mostly typify and peg nightlife in Nigeria.

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