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Using human parts for rituals, alien to Islam – Kamaldeen

By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Chief Imam of Sultanat Mosque, Adewole , Ustaz Sultan Kamaldeen has condemned the recurrent cases of acclaimed clerics using human parts for rituals in the society.

According to Kamaldeen, such illicit act is not acceptable in Islam and anyone who engages in the practice will surely face the wrath of Allah.

Kamaldeen made the call during his sermon at Jumat service last Friday.

The cleric warns all Muslims to stay clear of anyone who preaches the use of human parts for ritual purposes, adding that the Quran and other holy books detest such.

“I urge all Imams to continue to lead by example and to always preach against social-vices such as rituals because there is no place for such act in the holy books of Islam.

“We need to fear Allah in all our dealings and to remember that all worldly things will be left behind when we are no more.”

Kamaldeen however urged the public not to patronise ritualists parading themselves as clerics adding that it is only those who fear Allah that can be regarded as His prophet.

The Chief Imam also tasked Muslims to seek Allah’s favour through the several opportunities available during the period of hajj.

According to him, the hajj journey was a call by Prophet Ibrahim and anyone who heed such call will have the privilege to perform the exercise.

“According to Prophet Mohammed, the first house for Ibadat is Mecca, which was built by Prophet Ibrahim and the Mecca is full of blessings and pathfinder for everyone. The second house of Ibadat and it is in Jerusalem which is now used by the Christians and the third Ibadat is any other mosques where they pray and worship Almighty Allah.

“For anyone who performs the holy journey to Mecca his/her problems will be solved. Mecca is not a place where you can utter any bad statement because anything you prayed for will be granted.”

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