Little habits messing up your skin

We all have rigorous skin and beauty care routine we follow, routines, which we think are enough to protect our skin then you suddenly spot acnes, dry spot and more on your face and you become worried.

What most of us don’t know is that there are small actions or little habits that cause your skin to age faster or gives you break out, even though the major culprits might include consistent stress, lack of sleep and lacking an exercise routine but there are also some surprising habits that mess up your skin on a daily basis.

Not changing your pillowcase regularly: Your pillowcase is a breeding ground for bacteria, if you sleep on your side or on your stomach, then be sure to change your sheets often to prevent acne do this once a week and you can notice the difference over time.

Touching your face frequently: You should try to touch your face less frequently, this could be scratching it, rubbing your eyes and forehead, even though it may be an impulsive motion to touch your chin when you are thinking but stop as this is why you keep having breakouts at that region.

Drinking too much coffee: Are you the type that cannot do without a cup of coffee in the morning? When you find yourself needing three or four cups just to get you functioning throughout the day, that is when you should take a look in the mirror and notice that your skin seems to be losing its moisture? So re-hydrate twice the amount of coffee that you drink to prevent dry skin.

Talking long on your phone: This one may surprise you, a lot of people leave their phone in the bag or back pockets, you hold it in your hands, place it on tables and all the bacteria it collects along the way, then you answer a call and had a really good conversation which lasted for hours, when you keep doing this, you will find breakouts along your jawline and cheek so grab that anti-bacterial wipe every once in a while and your skin will be better for it.

Squinting at your screen: Do you find yourself squinting to read emails on your laptop or reading news on your phone? Kindly increase the font size because squinting can contribute to unnecessary eye wrinkles.

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