NOA cautions against hate speech, violence

By Daniel Ayantoye

Less than 3 months to the local government chairmanship election in the Kwara state, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has warned aspirants against the use of hate speech and violence while gearing up for campaign activities.

The state director of the agency, Segun Adeyemi who gave the warning during an interview with Pilot Politics Wednesday, explained that such act if not curtailed is capable of distracting peaceful process of any organised election.

“Essentially we are campaigning against hate speech, you will observe that in recent time you we’ve been hearing of various hate speeches across the country and it is capable of destabilising the system. So as we prepared towards the upcoming election.

The NOA boss who also advice aspirant not to take the elections as a do or die affair, stated that one aspect of election that cannot be changed is there is winner and loser.

“Aspirants should have at the back of their minds now that some will win and loss. If you lose it is not a failure, you just have to forge ahead for another opportunity.

“But those that eventually turn out as local government chairman and councilors must take it as an opportunity to serve the people, not to come and loot the treasury”

“Again, no aspirant should engage any of our youth in thuggery or create any violence, we are also calling on the youths to avoid been used as thugs

While advising the aspirants and electorate to ensure a peaceful atmosphere during all the processes,  Adeyemi said:

“We urge the voters to use their vote wisely and ensure a peaceful conduct during the cause of electioneering process. The caliber of people you vote to our local government will determine the future of the local government”, he added.

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