Can’t wait to have fuller breasts – Actress


Radio personality cum actress, Destiny Amaka, who lost weight and is looking more stunning opens up on why she is still single and what she does on cold lonely nights in an interview with Inside Nollywood.
“My dear, no ring yet o. But I’ve fallen in love with myself and it’s the most beautiful feeling ever. For now, there is no man in my life and I am as well having a great time with myself and my God. My bed has never been so cold. I’m so protective of my heart and my wellbeing. I’m doing just fine; falling in love with myself, bettering myself and using the time to do as much as I can, till my husband comes. My body is so unexplored but my soul is touched and fed.'”
When further asked how she deals with the constant cold nights, Amaka revealed that her pillow has become her comfort.
“When the night is so cold, I hold on real tight to my pillow and switch off the AC. I love myself, and my new edges and curves. When all a women has to offer is her body, then her soul suffers. However, I look forward to adding some weight during my pregnancy and feeling full breast, cheeks.

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