Saraki: A Recall Or A Nightmare?


A group of ignorant guys gathered recently, for a supposed recall of Dr Bukola Saraki. Not a single signature was given to throw any weight behind them. They further reinstated my position when I said “Activism in a state that has no opposition is a miserable enterprise”. Supposed we do not live in a social media world I wonder what these jobless lots would live for.

In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are always insane. But it has a certain level where we can actually determine who’s out of their mind in spite of our differences. Since the inception of this Senate, many mass oriented bills have been passed. Saraki has won international adulation for his giant strides at ensuring transparency and civic engagement are the norm where he leads. He’s paid attention and showed genuine concern to the plight of citizens. He has even helped people outside his official assignments. Conversely, another man who should bring pride upon our state has earned himself a laughable position among top-notch liars while Saraki continue to cut a dashing figure as a leader. Let me end this paragraph with a question: Do the people who are behind all this deplorable attacks against Saraki camp boast of as much achievements as him?

In all honesty, I’m beginning to feel what we have today at the National Assembly is the reflection of his past administration as a governor of Kwara state. A little wonder all attempts to ground him have proven futile. I find this question rather very political and academic. It’s beyond me to think a man with this fine character and charisma could have soiled himself with corruption sleaze in the past. Where, if I may ask, are the evidence of his bad records of the past? Do you tell me one man have become so powerful that different agents of law and government have failed to prove him guilty or his wrong doing? I’m going to tell you the secret: only truth can do that! Only truth can defy a million attacks and defamation attempts. No other force can do that! It all history we know, only truth has withstood strong persecution and still thrived, the way Saraki is thriving today.

In recent time, we unearth a lot of philanthropic works hitherto unknown to us. Unlike many public officers, Saraki has always gone against the grain of remaining in one official regalia, frown face, power drunk look and cockeyed belief that “we are not equal to any”. Here is a man who listened to all and sundry, the same way he dance with the old women fans who always swarm together to welcome him home. The Saraki I know on twitter listens to every rat and dog. And if it’s the Saraki I know through some friends, he’s the man of the youth. Let’s then talk of Saraki I know as an administrator, his sophistication and commitment make him all the more suitable for…….

Guess what? I’m just an unbiased social media analyst and I’ve said my own.


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