I cried everyday when my wife left me – Emeka Ike


Nollywood actor Emeka Ike still finds it difficult to believe that he’s no longer married to his wife, Suzanne Emma.
The unexpected happened earlier this year, when his 14-year-old marriage to his delectable wife was dissolved by a Lagos Island Customary Court.
In a recent interview he declared his undying love for her.
“Love never dies.  She’s the mother of my children. She was nobody when I met her, she never knew her father. I built a house for her family in Lagos and also in Isoko. I trained her up to the master’s degree level. I gave her the exposure she needed in life. There are thousands of pretty girls who would want to marry me the first week we got divorced. But I am a gentleman, it is not about marriage for me now, it’s about doing the right thing. What is wrong with my woman? If it’s something we can redeem her from, we will still redeem her. Forget about marrying her again. I don’t need to marry again, but I need to know what was wrong with my wife. I need to know why she started blackmailing me.
When asked if he could take her back into his life he replied: “Accepting her back is not the problem, but let her confess and get herself back. I believe she’s under the influence of something.
“It (separation) is the most painful part of my life. I cried for 24 hours every day for three to four years. I was just asking myself what is happening to me. You know, in blackmail, you will not know what is going on because somebody is playing the game. It was much later that I knew what was happening to me. I need to know the strength of these blackmailers because we have law in this country. And with the law, we will look at the issues pro-actively.”

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