2019: Group wants Kwara North to produce Gov


A social cultural group, Movement of For The Actualization of Kwara North Agenda (MAKA)  has advocated that governorship position be zoned to Kwara North Senatorial District in the 2019 general elections in the interest of fairness and equity.

At a press conference held in Ilorin at the weekend, the group urged all political parties across board to unite behind Kwara North extraction to pick the governorship candidate.

The leader of the group, Comrade Kolo Majin Jerry, said “after 12 years of a combine tenure of  late Mohammed Lawal and Dr Bukola Saraki of four and eight years respectively, it connotes that the Kwara Central has had its own share under equity and principle of rotation”.

“With God our side, we seek equity, fairness and justice. There is need to understand the basic but common fact that, ‘whatever is just to one, must not be injustice to another. And the truth is that Kwara harmony stands on a tripod, consists of Central, South and North”.

Kolo stated that it behoves stakeholders to reason that after the Central and South have had the privilege of right to seat of power, it is the turn of the North.

“That is in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice. Power must shift to Kwara North, which to us will be the most credible and plausible choice to make”, he said.

The group leader, who is also the convener of the group, explained that, MAKA is a social cultural pressure group and a movement set to achieve one purpose, that is ‘speak the truth’.

“The movement for the actualization of Kwara North Agenda is a non-Political and Non-religious movement “, he added.

He noted that Kwara North is blessed with illustrious sons and daughters capable of being governing the state.

“It is on this premise and with God on our side, with ‘ truth as our witness, that we as Kwara North extraction and as a movement of collective interest, reasoned, agreed and resolved to declare our mission of interest of intent and purpose”, he declared.

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