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Christian women cautioned against covetousness

By Daniel Ayantoye

Christian women have been urged to shun covetousness in order not to destroy their homes.

Wife of the Resident Pastor of Peculiar Gospel Ministry, Mrs. Grace Olasehinde who gave the charge during the 2017 Women Anniversary,  stated that covetousness is a destroyer of homes.

She described covetousness as an excessive love for worldly things most especially money, adding that a Christian woman has the responsibility of raising a godly home.

She said that most women have problem today because they are not contented with what they have.

“To be covetous means to always pursue worldly things, to be over desirous of money and material things.

“Some women  have problem because they are not contented with what they have. You see them running from pillar to post for material things. The same thing goes for young girls who run after money and before you know it get into  wrong hands,” she added.

While citing Ephesians 5:3, Olaseinde pointed out that covetousness is a grave sin, admonishing  Christians not fall victim of the act, which could lead them to hell fire.

She, however, enjoined Christian women to continue to be God fearing in all of their endeavours.

“As women, we should endeavour to live  clean and righteous life devoid of covetousness. Our life should reflect Christ in character and dressing as God does not want us  to be greedy or covetous.”


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