Know the cheapest cars to maintain in Nigeria


These are the brands of cars to think of when it comes to the consideration of maintenance.

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It is true that the cost of owning a car is more than just the amount paid for its purchase. And in a country like Nigeria where roads are of world standard, the consideration of car maintenance should be prime.

With regards to that consideration, it should be highlighted here that the cost of car upkeep is of different variations; because when it comes to the activities of vehicle maintenance, it is different prices for different cars.

Thus, it becomes a thing of intelligence and reasoning to pick from brands whose cost of maintenance are easily affordable when it comes to buying your own car.

With this in mind, we decided to reveal to you the three cheapest brand of cars to maintain in Nigeria.

But first, the reasons:

  1. Maintenance friendly

There is this story of a woman who bought a brand new Chevrolet car at the rate of N2.8M a few years ago, only for the transmission to break down and she was told the cost of transmission alone would cost N1.5M. No detailed narration could picture the frustration that followed.

It is particularly in this area that the average Nigerian should apply wisdom and intelligence when it comes to choice of car; because the technology and technical knowledge required to maintain these brands are widely available at affordable prices in every part of Nigeria.

  1. Good mileage

A very good mileage is what you get from these 3 brands that have multiple options for low fuel consumption models to choose from. Sticking to these three in the choice of your first car can guarantee you satisfaction with your choice if made with the necessary knowledge

  1. Globally, their resale value is uniformly recognised

From Asia down to Africa, and up to America, people buy these three brands because they know they can cash in on their value at any time. In the Nigerian market, you will observe that when it comes to the offload of used cars, the luxury brands commands very low resale values; they are expensive to maintain and also valueless when it comes to resale.

  1. They are suitable for our tropical climate

Despite the fact that they were manufactured in cooler regions and adapted to the climate there, the performance of these cars becomes incredible when subjected to the heat of our climate.

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