LG Polls: APC stalwart harps on existing arrangement in Isin 


Immediate past Youth Empowerment Coordinator (YEC) for Isin Local government, Barrister Muhammed Owolabi Aminu, has insisted on the need to respect the existing rotation policy regarding appointment in the local government.

While speaking with Pilot Politics on Tuesday, Aminu said the policy which was endorsed by the late Olusin was intended to guarantee equitability and fairness in the distribution of political portfolios and provide opportunity everybody to be carried along in the scheme of things.

He added that casting aspersions on political opponents should not be the the pastimes of political who should be concerned adding value to the community.

He described Femi Adeyemi, chairmanship aspirants in Isin for the council polls as core Sarakite who has worked for the party.

Hear him: We have a tradition in Isiin know to everybody including the leader of the party in the state and the governor. The council is subdivided into two not because of disunity for smooth running of the administration and distribution of political posts being rotated between Isin-Oke and Isin-Isale comprising eleven wards.

We have two major positions being rotted by these two axes which is the elective council chairmanship and House of Assembly. Any other positions could be picked from anywhere depending on the performances of each ward.

“The late Olusin of Isanlu-Isin that succeeded the present one, held meeting with all the political office holders and politicians that if we say those little villages in Isin should not be patronised in terms of political appointments,  we are likely to have problems and  we agreed it should be spread to allow participation of everybody”, he added.

Barrister Aminu noted that it will be a disservice and against the existing arrangement to now try to deny Edidi ward what they are eligible to all because of politics and vested interest.



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