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My most dramatic day in court


Jimoh Abdulquadri Edun is one of the fast growing lawyers in the Kwara State jurisdiction, he had his LL.B from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto between 2001  and 2006, before proceeding to the Nigeria Law School, Lagos campus for B.LL and he was called to bar, 2009. After his NYSC programme in Ilorin in 2010, he started practising law with Abdulganiyu & Co. in the state capital. He later joined Armstrong and Associates as one of the lead counsels in 2015. In this interview, he shares with KAYODE ADEOTI his unforgettable day in court as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:

I’ve had series of dramatic days in court but the one I can never forget in my life happened early 2016 before one of our States’ High Courts judges in Ilorin. The case was about a family landed property and we’ve proceeded to hearing. We’ve been on it for a while and we then wanted to start calling our witnesses. One of the witnesses who happened to be our principal testifier was asked to enter the box.

At this time, we were so happy that the matter is nearing completion, but why standing in the box, strange thing happened. When he was about to commence his evidence, he slummed, we thought it was a kind of faint, everyone in the court were scared and we all rushed him to the nearby hospital.

But, unfortunately, on this fateful day, we lost him, he had died. Such was the experience, it has never happened to me, so I felt so bad afterwards, in fact, for like two weeks, I couldn’t come to the office. Because, while I reminiscence, I had to put myself in the position of that man; so I felt it could have been me, considering the fact that the man was not looking sick. So, I could have died too.

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