What would you do if your spouse strips your mother in public?


Gone are the days when in-laws were highly revered by spouses of their children. Stories abound of how mothers-in-law especially have been subjected to ridicule. Therefore KAYODE ADEOTI sampled opinions on what people would do if their mother is stripped in public by their spouse.

Adigun Morenike (Student) – I’ll go crazy: I will go crazy too and strip myself naked. Reason is because, crazy action requires crazy response.

Olamodupe Adewuyi (Business woman) – I’ll subject him to psychiatrist test: He must be crazy to have done that, or probably he must have smoked marijuana. In such situation, I will get him evaluated at a psycharist home.

Tope Akanbi (Corps member) – The consequence will be bad: When he isn’t insane, that can’t just happen. I can’t think of any reason that warrants such. Peradventure it happens, the consequence will be bad, because I’m going to address it in a manner that will make him never to dare such in his life again. It’s better imagine than experience. I swear I don’t take rubbish.

Samuel Omokore (Graduate) – That’s end of our marriage: My mother? I will get him arrested, even in the UK, a guy who tried such is rotting in jail now, he beat up his wife’s mum. I will do just that and also, that event will mark end of the relationship.

Jibola Fakeye (Glo staff) – I’ll send her packing: Such a woman will send my mother to early grave.  Such a spouse would have to look elsewhere for husband.

Olalekan Junaid (Proprietor) – I’ll handle it with maturity: I swear I will be gentle with her, then I will find out if she is suffering from a kind of mental disorder. Afterwards, we will both analyse it and look for remedy. There is no disease that cannot be remedied with love, that is what I know and what has been working for me. I teach on morals, social life and many more. So I should know how best to approach such malady.

Motunrayo Grace (Painter) – I’ll breakdown in tears: I can break down in tears, because this is a spouse, it means before we could come thus far, love existed between us, how can I kill that love in just a moment. I don’t know, I don’t know; striping my mother naked in public is beyond human comprehension.

Umar Balikis Wuraola (Office Secretary) – I can kill the man: I will fight him to point of death. That is what I can do and what I will do if per chance I experience such, though I never pray for it.


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