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Be of good faith, Cleric to Christians


By Kayode Adeoti

The Minister-in-Charge of Calvary Baptist Church, Ilorin, Kwara State, Reverend Francis Oladipo, yesterday enjoined Christians to focus on God even stormy times.

He stressed that it is by so doing that they can overcome problems of life that may come their ways.

The clergyman charged Christians based on Luke chapter 8 verse 22-25, said they should emulate the way Jesus handled stormy situations.

He said, “When Jesus Christ was traveling in a boat, there arose a great storm and they were almost submerged, he rose up to the problem and commanded the raging storm to stop, at the sound of His voice, the storm obeyed,”

He added that whoever is a son of God has been given the same power to command to  any raging storm of life to still, noting that Christians should always brace up to the challenges of life.

“But as they sailed, He fell asleep. And a wind storm came down on the lake. His disciples came to Him, saying “Master, Master we are perishing!” He arose and rebuked the wind and raging of the water. They ceased and there was calm,” he quoted from the Bible.

He, however, tasked Christians to be agents of change effect in their society, adding that it takes faith to trust God in times of trouble

“The reason those problems are there is because God knows you will address them, don’t disappoint your generation because earnestly, the world await the manifestation of the sons of God in you, it will be disheartening, don’t be a man of no faith as those people in verse 25, that was why after Jesus had performed the miracle, they were marvelled and started asking, who was that who command winds and water to obedient?

“This is to tell everyone not to disappoint God, be an overcomer for God, does not condone faithless life and unbelief, those are not characters of God. Brace up to the problems and take them off your ways,” he advised.

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