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Cleric to Muslims: No matter your condition, always give thanks


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Al-Hikmah University, Ustaz Haruna Sanusi has charged all Muslims to be thankful to Allah in all they do, adding that the Creator appreciates and abundantly reward such positive attitude.

The Imam gave the charge during the Jumaat Service held at the institution’s central mosque shortly before the two rakat congregational prayer.

Sanusi stressed that Muslims should cultivate the habit of thanking Allah for everything that comes their way irrespective of whether good or bad, adding that Allah is never unjust or evil to His servants and has reasons for testing his slaves.

He advised Muslims to remain steadfast in faith and shun utterances that are not reflective of “our position as people of faith when ever Allah brings His test He added that doing so is a way to appreciate the numerous favours bestowed on us.

“When we are tested with loss of lives, wealth, health, whatever the case that we ordinarily consider as evil, we should thank Allah (SWT) at the moment such things happen. Ours is not a religion that is beyond evil happening someone or we consider such as sign of ungodliness or lack of God’s love.

“Most times, these tests are used to elevate our position in Allah’s sight and among angels and humans. We should even be worried when things are going smoothly by our standard, sometimes it can be as a result of an act of disobedience and we should check ourselves.

“Prophets and messengers that came before and after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) fell sick and  witnessed loss of wealth and even death, yet they were the closest to Allah so where did we get that logic from that anything evil is from Shaytan and symbolises weakness of  faith or being forsaken by God. Allah has reasons for everything and such test can be spiritually rewarding and fulfilling, especially once we excelled in it”.

Quoting from the traditions of the Prophet (SAW), the Iman said any Muslims that exhibit the attribute of thankfulness is always appreciated and rewarded by God and called on faithful to demonstrate such character in our relations with others.

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