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Security: Society, Police should have cordial relations


With Saliu Woru Mohammed

Continued from last Monday

In this situation, the issue of crime prevention and detection is two ways. It is the combine duty of the police, other law enforcement agents and indeed the members of the public. The society and community must collaborate with government agents in fighting crime, these armed robbers are not only part and parcel of the society, but live, dine and wine with the public. Experience has shown that incidence of armed robbery and other related crime could have been minimised if the public can adhere strictly to the simple security consciousness tips and if the relationship between the police and the general public, it was meant to serve is cordial, while there is the need for the citizenry to tolerate and assist the police and other law enforcement agents in their war against crime, the police on her side must be friendly, courteous and polite while interacting with the public and handling investigation of cases. The police detective must be diligent, friendly, fair and firm in the discharge of his assignment. Detectives should engage themselves in ensuring that justice is done to all manner of people, including the complainant and the suspects. Police detectives are not expected to manufacture evidence or clue. Members of the public no doubt are aware of the activities of armed robbers, but do little to prevent their activities, this perhaps is due to the unfriendly attitude of some law enforcement agents  in uniforms.

However, whatever assessment of the Police may be in the eyes of the citizenry, there is the need for collaborative effort in the crusade in ensuring a crime free society. Victims of armed robbery need your support and assistance. In this direction, efforts must be made by you to render first aid to injured victims of armed robbery, while those seriously injured are to be taken to any nearby hospital or clinic for medication.

Incident of cases of armed robbery must be reported to the nearby police station immediately. You are not expected to tamper with the scene of crime pending the arrival of police detectives. If you are a victim of armed robbery do not take the dangerous risk of turning down the demand of the robber expectedly if they are armed. You can only resist, if you have the capability to do so, since life has no duplicate. From written and oral history, armed bandits have no respects for human lives; they either maimed or kill their victims if attempt is made to confront them. Hence, there is need for you to take a wise decision to safeguard your life if you come across armed robbers. It is safe that you raise your hands, an indication of surrender.

However, in case you are a victim, you should make effort to establish the colour, dresses and language spoken by your attackers. If they use vehicle, know the type, maker and registration number of their vehicle and confirm if fire arm or other dangerous weapons were used. The fact that only one of armed robbery suspects carried fire armed is enough to establish a case of armed robbery against other suspects of the syndicate. This nation can be crime free only when both the young and old join government in fighting crime. For instance, it is not advisable that you keep huge amount of money in your house or office, such huge amount of money can be kept in bank. In case you are willing to withdraw a huge amount of funds from bank, it is safer that you contract a nearby police station to provide you with special escort. As an account, paymaster, or pay clerk, do not publicised the date you are going to pay your staff, keep the date to only trusted staff and the police who will provide you with escort to bank. Furthermore, endeavour to always vary (change) the route to the bank.

To be continued

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