23-yr-old female mechanic, Margaret shares inspiring story came across the inspiring story of a young lady who has no problem with working in a field often believed to be male-dominated. 23-year-old Margaret Bassey, is a living proof of the popular saying that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do it better’.

Bassey, an Akwa Ibom state indigene, is a female mechanic who specialises in fixing broken down vehicles in Abuja. Despite being the last among three girls born in her family, she has taken to her job like a true professional. Even though she didn’t set out to become a mechanic, she took up the job after her uncle enrolled her in the Nigeria Opportunity Industrialisation Company in Lagos, as a means to help her out of her financial situation.

23-year-old Bassey Margaret works as a mechanic in Abuja. While at the industrialization company, Bassey who was presented with the opportunity to learn either dressmaking, hair dressing etc, chose instead to repair vehicles; spending over a year and six months perfecting her vocation.

She moved to Abuja where she got a job at a mechanic workshop in Lokogoma, along Airport road. Speaking on her job, Bassey said: “When I went to seek employment, my boss surveyed me; and told me to stretch and fold my hands. He looked at them and told me to start working the next day.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what that meant. He told me that if he didn’t find scars on them that means I was not a mechanic. According to him, mechanics were synonymous with injuries considering the nature of the work.”

According to Bassey, she had faced several challenges, especially while trying to convince people that she was good at her job. She also said she was drawn into the job because she was fascinated by how cars operate. Despite earning N30,000 monthly as salary, Bassey says she wouldn’t discourage her children from becoming mechanics should they choose to be. She said “I won’t discourage them. It takes determination, patience and God’s grace to excel.” She also plans and hopes to own her own workshop one day.

Some customers attest to the fact that she is good at her job. One of them, Paul Onenu, said “I prefer her working for me because of her meticulousness and dedication.” Another customer, Barong Joe, said: “This is somebody who wants to make a difference. Her mates are idling away and looking for men to foot their bills, but here is a girl surpassing all expectations. Honestly, I am touched.” Nice one!

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