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First things first, being assured of Genotype and Blood Group compatibility with your partner is one of the most important factors of long-term happiness in your marriage, it helps you raise healthy children, and saves you a lot of stress in the happy marriage you dream of with your partner.


Your genotype is your complete heritable genetic identity; it is your unique genome that would be revealed by personal genome sequencing. However, the word genotype can also refer just to a particular gene or set of genes carried by an individual.

The genotypes in humans are AA, AS, AC, SS, SC, CC.

What is the Genotype and Blood Group compatibility that is good for marriage?

Study this table below carefully:

AA + AA = AA, AA, AA, AA

AA + AS = AA, AS, AA, AS,

AA + SS = AS, AS, AS, AS,

AA + AC = AA, AA, AA, AC.

AS + AS = AA, AS, AS, SS,

AS + SS = AS, SS, SS, SS,

AS + AC = AA,  AC, AS,SS.

SS + SS = SS, SS, SS, SS,

AC + SS = AS, AS, SS, SS,

AC + AC = AA, AC, AC, SS.


It is advisable that intending couples should know their blood groups before marriage.

The red blood cells that transport oxygen in the body carry two antigens, which are the A and B antigens. These antigens determine the blood group. The blood groups are designated by the letters O, A, B, AB. When the red blood cell carries only the A antigen, the blood group is ‘A’, it is ‘B’ when the blood cell has only the B antigen. When both A and B antigens are present, the blood group is ‘AB’. Finally, when there is neither A nor B antigen, the blood group is referred to as ’O’.

Here is the table that shows a cross breed of different blood groups and their products:

A + A = A or O

B + B = B or O

A + B = A, B, AB or O

A + O = A or O

B + O = B or O

A + AB = A, B or AB

O + O = O only

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