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Influence of hard drug and crime in our society    


By Saliu Woru Mohammed

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Another version by some people that is responsible for the current worrisome armed robbery cases is uncontrolled circulation of drug, or rather the consumption of hard drugs. There is no gain saying that certain drugs in circulation, if consumed, provided necessary inputs to criminally minded elements not only to engage in violent crime but to also enjoy the ungodly act of snuffing lives out of innocent victims, it is not then surprising that most of the armed robbers are known to be drug addicts.

Also, most social critics and analysts have argued that incidents of armed robbery rampaging the society are traceable to the issue of unemployment. People argued that an idle hand or mind is indeed a ready tool for the devil. In other word, an unemployed person is prone to commit all sorts of crime; it is further argued that the level of unemployment in the nation no doubt has negative impact on the rate of criminal activities generally in the country. Criminal records available however indicated that we have huge number of unemployed people getting involved in armed robbery, though other violent crimes are committed by the people who are actually gainfully employed out of sheer greediness. Whatever is the argument, it is not justifiable for an unemployed person to hide under the guise of unemployment and engaged in any crime. Other identifiable factors responsible for armed robbery incidences include influx of aliens, foreign culture, foreign films and indeed unnecessary display of wealth and affluence by people during ceremonies or occasion, which is of course, is capable of tempting criminals. Other school of thoughts attributed cases of armed robbery incidents to the recruitment of wrong hands into the law enforcement agencies. Delay of dispensation of justice by judicial officials, the school of thought posted that delay and unnecessary adjournment of trials of armed robbery suspects in courts and sometime when commensurable punishment are not handed down to the convicts including where court judgements failed to serve as deterrent to others. It believes that justice delayed is justice denied, while justice rushed can be dangerous. All said and done, I want to submit with all sense of responsibility that no matter how the argument goes, the underlining factor responsible for the present cases of armed robbery with its attendance loss of human lives and property is desperate urge for material wealth at whatever price and in whatever way and manner. No doubt, it is this unassailable urge and desire that develop into violent ideas which result to armed robbery. In all reality, the issue of crime prevention and detection is a two-way thing. It is therefore the duty of the police, other law enforcement agents and indeed the members of the public. The society and community must collaborate with the government agents in fighting crime, these armed robbers are not only part and parcel of the public, but live, dine and wine with the public. Experience has shown that incidents of armed robbery and other related crime could have been minimized if the public can adhere strictly to the simple security consciousness and if the relationship between the police and the general public employed to serve is cordial, while there is also the need for the citizenry to tolerate and assist the police and other law enforcement agents in their war to combat crime, the police on its side must be friendly, courteous and polite while interacting with the public, especially while handling investigation of cases. The police detective must be diligent, but must be friendly and fair and firm in the discharge of his assignment.  Detective should engage themselves in ensuring justice is done to all manner of people including the complainant and the suspects. Police detectives are not expected to manufacture evidence or clue. Members of the public no doubt have knowledge of armed robbers among them, but do little to prevent their activities, this perhaps is due to the unfriendly attitude of some law enforcement agents in uniforms.

However, whatever assessment of the police in the eyes of the citizenry, there is the need for collaborative effort in the crusade in ensuring a crime free society. Victims of armed robbery need your support and assistance. In this direction, efforts must be made by you to render first aid to injured victims of armed robbery incidence, while those seriously injured are to be taken to any nearby hospital or clinic for medication. To be continued next week

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