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  1. Dashboard display dark: For Honda Accords with more than 109,000 miles, you might experience the dashboard display going dark, especially the radio and climate control. This Honda car problem is caused by a faulty circuit board which should be replace
  2. Cracked Exhaust: Cracked exhaust is common on both exhaust manifolds and manifold/converter combination. The Honda car problem will be fixed by replacing the cracked component.
  3. Air conditioner blowing hot air: The Honda car AC condenser  fail due to contact with road debris and a lack of protection for the condenser
  4. Compliance Bushing Cracking: A part of your Honda car steering/suspension mechanism is broken the moment you start hearing squealing or feel shuddering when turning. The compliance bushing is typically the culprit, especially in Accords with 95,000 miles or more.
  5. Hood Release Cable may break at handle: This is not a general problem; it is only confine to some models of Honda car, and this we have come to know based on observation. Here the hood release cable breaks at the hood release handle.
  6. Failure of Power Window Switch:  On Certain Honda car models, a faulty power window switch can cause the power windows to work or not work periodically.

Furthermore, alongside these common Honda car problems, we shall also brief on the 2008 model of Honda Accord. And this is because based on reported complaints and investigation, the 2008 Honda Accord model has been deemed as the most problematic of all Honda cars.

Indeed, the 2008 Honda Accord has several serious defects such as poor brakes, excessive oil consumption, and uncomfortable seats. Also included among the defects of the 2008 Honda Accord are listed below.

What are the most common problems associated with the 2008 Honda Accord model?

* No start due to ignition  failure

*Body/Paint problem

*Engine problem

*Interior accessories problem

*Exterior accessories problem

* Seat belts and airbag problem

* Electrical problem

*Light problem

*Problem shifting into 3rd gear

*Fuel system problem

*Wheels/hubs problem

*Poor brakes

*Excessive oil consumption

* AC/heater problem

* Steering problem

Concluding with two of the top 773 complains of Honda car owners, is to me- not a bad idea at all.


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