I borrowed N60,000 to start my business – CEO, God’s Plan Media production


Mr. Theophilus Ojo Damisa is well known for video production and photography in Kwara State and beyond.

Damisa,  the Chief Executive Officer of God’s plan Media production started his business with N60,000, which he borrowed  from his pastor.

“The pastor told me that the vision he saw pertaining to my career was that clients will be inviting me to offer my services from one place t the other. But, I was discouraged because I thought such a job could be carpenter, mechanic, etcetera. I just wanted a computer related job where I can sit in an office. So he told me to go and pray for three day for God’s direction.

“I started praying for the first and second day but couldn’t see anything and I became discouraged again. On the third day, I saw myself in a dream snapping, recording and covering white engineers working on road construction. So, I went and told my pastor about the dream and he responded that God has guided him. So that is how he borrowed me money to realise it after gaining freedom from my boss,” he explained.

According to him, he had been a labourer doing different kinds of job before his pastor counselled  him to learn a trade that could sustain him for a lifetime.

Though he was skeptical about learning a trade given his advanced age, but had to submit himself to training on video coverage and other computer work.

He revealed that his then fiancée, now his wife assisted him in securing and paying for a shop for the business.

The CEO, however, encouraged youths to exercise patience and be dogged in whatever good venture they embark on.

“I struggled for about two years trying to get customers at the shop but that did not deter me,” he added.

He solicited government assistance  and support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the state.

“Media production  is advancing but the equipment we use are changing with the technology. The high cost of cameras now for good quality  pictures remains our major challenge. If government can assist us in this aspects then the sky is our limit,” he added.

He said good service delivery has been the policy of his business.

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