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First Bank customers appeal for deposit ATM repair


Customers of First Bank have appealed to the management for urgent  repair of the deposit Automated Teller Machine located at Ajase-Ipo road,  Ilorin, Kwara State.

Some of the customers, who stormed the ATM on Wednesday to deposit their money discovered that the machine is not functioning.

The customers who were about eight in number approached a staffer of the bank demanding to know when the repair would be effected on the machine given its convenience for deposit transactions.

They suggested that the machine should be converted to a cash withdrawal machine, if the management cannot get it repaired to ease the challenge customers go through to make cash transactions via ATM.

However, the banker simply said that the management is aware of the situation and would soon get it repaired.

Some of the aggrieved customers left in anger while the others went into the banking hall to carry out their transactions.

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