What would you do if you discovered that your mother-in-law is a popular mad woman? 


Insanity is one thing that nobody prays for and people suffering from mental problems are mostly stigmatised in the society.

Imagine a scenario that some few weeks to your wedding; you discovered that a popular mad woman is your mother in-law. What would you do? Asks KAYODE ADEOTI.

Adelusi Abigail Tosin (Sales Reps) – I’ll be disappointed: I will feel disappointed, sad. If I truly love him, I will stay. I can’t leave him just like that because love bears all things; I mean true love. It is always good to be really in love.

Deborah Oyewo (Tailor) – I’ll break up with him: I will break up with him immediately. I can’t stand a mad (mentally deranged) mother-in-law. No matter how deep the love is or how far we have gone in the relationship, breaking up is next.

Tope Akanbi (Corps member) – I reject such in Jesus name: I will break up with him immediately, to hell with love. It is rubbish. I can’t imagine it.

Balikis Wuraola (Clerk) – It’ll be disastrous: Popular mad woman? It can’t happen to me because I must have known while we were dating. It will be difficult if he keeps it away from me till we got married.

Monisola Adewumi (Student) – I’ll pray about it: There is nothing I can do about it now, I will have to stay put because love breaks all barriers, that is the truth. Even with love, we can both pray for her restoration.

Passo Ajibola (Glo staff) – I’ll flee the country: That’s a stigma. God forbid that it happens. If I find myself in that situation, I will dust my passport and leave the country. I will run away and think of the next step to take.

Susan Omokore (Auditor) – Marriage is for better for worse: See me see trouble, if I have entered into the marriage, there is remedy because marriage is for better for worse.

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