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Be a visitor on earth, cleric advices Muslims 


By Ahmed Ajikobi

Imam of Kamaldeen Central Mosque, Agbo-Oba, Ilorin, Ustaz Ahmad Rufai Fasasi has tasked Muslims to live as in the world as a stranger adding that it was in line with the injunctions of Allah (SWT) and advised of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The cleric made the statement on Friday while conducting the traditional sermon (Khutbah)   for the Jumaat service before the two Rakat Solat.

According to him, “This world is like cup given to you for drinking a water. When the water finishes, we drop the cup. That is when our time is up, death follow.

“The world and everything in it will be exhausted; Muslims should make good deeds a habit in all their relations. They should fear Almighty Allah and remember the Day of Judgement.

“On the Day of Qiyaomah, no mother, father, elder or family relatives will be able to seek favour from Allah,” he added.

Imam Fasasi stated further that” We will leave everyone we love, including our father, mother, relatives for the hereafter no matter the affinity adding that death is inevitable for everyone, irrespective of religion.

Fasasi said the creation of death by Allah as explained in the Glorious Qur’an was to try His creations to see which will be best in good conduct and urged Muslims to always remember the day they will meet Allah by embarking on good deeds whether they were appreciated or not on earth.

He said contrary to the notion that life is long and full of enjoyment, Fasasi said life is very short and empty and thereafter for the Muslims is the ultimate.

He said the life in the grave is another unwholesome experience for those who are heedless of Allah, adding that “That’s why we should prepare ourselves for paradise. We will be in the grave with no one for thousands of years either suffering or being exposed to Allah’s provision depending on our conduct.

He said Allah will not delay or prolong anyone’s death when time is up and Muslims should comply with rules and regulations of Islam.

He said Muslim should be thankful to Allah in everything, no matter the situation.

“Those who thank God all the time, when their death approaches, Allah will send his angels to meet them and make everything easy for them. They will admonished them not to be afraid that Allah has made promise not to make them suffer because they perform good deed during their life time and always thank Allah.”


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