Investing  in Kwara, the State of Harmony


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Some investors and manufacturers such as industries in the state include Dangote Flour Mill, Lubcon Lubricant Company, Kam Industries Nigeria Ltd, Tuyil Pharmacy Nig Ltd, Padson Industries NiG Ltd, Kwara Breweries, Ijagbo Global Soap and Detergent Industry, United Match Company, Tate and Lyle Company, Resinoplast Plastic Industry, Phamatech Nigeria Limited, Kwara Textile and Kwara Furniture Company have sited their operations in the state with other like Paper Manufacturing Industry, Jebba, Okin Foam and Okin Biscuits, Offa, Kay Plastic, Ganmo and Kwara Paper Converters Limited, Erin-ile. Others are Sugar Producing Company, Bacita, Kwara animal Feed Mall, Ilorin and the Agricultural Products Company coming on board; this is a small drop in the investment and development opportunities the state can provide. According to statics, the state had a GDP of $3.84 billion in 2007 and this increased by 3% in 2 years, there is still a lot that can be done to generate more GDP.

According to statistics, migration from rural to urban increased with 4.8% in 2012 which has created a need for more residential properties in areas like llorin, Offa, Ornu Aran and Oro which are known as truly Urban areas. Other areas such as Jebba, Erin-ile, Oke Ero, Ekiti Local government are opening up due to movement of people to areas closer to the various industries sited in and near the areas.

Building of resort and relaxation facilities are avenue to explore as the state is known for its traditional festivals and tourist attractions. The Owu-Fall, Extension of Kanji Lake National Park and the Ikan Festival are among the top tourist points in the state.

With the extension of a number of incentives to serious investors by the state government such as assistance with obtaining financing and aggressive infrastructure development and introducing easier means of obtaining the certificate of occupancy the state is now fertile for new investments in real estate areas such as manufacturing, property, tourism, infrastructure development, tourism, etc.

Nigeria as a nation is waking up to the sound of development. With the ‘urban and developed’ areas facing over population, why shouldn’t Kwara formally termed a ‘rural city’ become the next midi city in terms of investment.

To be continued

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