Ladi Hassan becomes FCDA Exec Secretary


By Daniel Ayantoye

The Chairman of the Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Alhaji Ladi Hassan is to vacate his position following his appointment as the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA).

Hassan who had earlier served as chief of staff to former governor and commissioner of health in the state was appointed to head SUBEB by Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed in August 2016 but has now vacated the position to resume at FCDA, today.

Speaking with National Pilot in a telephone interview last night, Hassan described the appointment as a call to serve in higher capacity, adding that he has no regrets leaving SUBEB.

Speaking further, the one-time special assistant on domestic matters to the former governor of the state, stated that during his short stint as SUBEB boss, he was able to instill discipline as well as enhance the performance of teachers.

“It is about service to your nation and state. I am going there to represent Kwara State, it is about service to the leadership of our party and a service to the people of Kwara State.

“I tried to do the best I can and I’ll be leaving behind the legacy of discipline. I have been able to institute discipline, and at least in Kwara SUBEB now it  is not business-as-usual.

The management of SUBEB has been able to establish a new life in the service,” he said.

When asked whether he was able to achieve all he set out to do in his former office, Hassan said, “You can’t achieve everything except you remain there till eternity. It is not possible to finish everything but once you are in a place, you do your best and in Kwara SUBEB, things are moving, we have worked on punctuality and absenteeism where people won’t come to work and get paid, we have very few incidents of ghost workers.

“People now work without being chased about, supervised because they know the management will not tolerate it. We have also improved on our activities.”

On what he will miss now that he is leaving the state for Abuja, “Well no regrets but you know at that level, you are dealing with the grassroots and that is what I will miss, I mean  interaction with the grassroots.”


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