We remain best alternative to APC, PDP – APDA


The Kwara state chapter of the Advance Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA) has said it remained the best alternative to both ruling APC and opposition PDP in Kwara.

The Publicity Secretary of the party, Ahmed Muhammed, who spoke with Pilot Politics when he visited the headwaters of National Pilot, noted that although the party came late into the scene, it however came at the right time based on the their findings from the electorate.

According Muhammed who is from Kaiama, “We just came in based on time constraint but we came at the right time based on the commitment and the drive we saw in our electorates that they are ready to go in line with our party manifestoes.

“We are duly capable to contest for the local government elections and just like our motto, stronger together; the party is ready to go.

“We are realistic and ready for this election and everything has been put in place and the mass momentum from the people has been encouraging, we are ready to capitalize on that’ he added.

On funding, the party’s mouthpiece said although the party is new in the state, it has committed and dedicated member to advance its course and attract the right people to support the party.

He added that “we know the challenges especially with the incumbent having all the avenues to finance, but we are not daunted by that, we are coming with an objective manifestoes at the right time when people can really identify with us.

He explained that the party is not owned by a single individual contrary to some narratives out there.

He said the party is expecting to attract very influential people in the state which necessitated the need to have its contact and membership drive to attract those who are like minds that can move the state forward.

“We have cracks in most party today and that is why I say the alternative party for PDP, APC in Kwara today is APDA and we have all its takes, the manifestoes and drive to make desired impact in Kwara.

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