I was in my mum’s womb for 18 months- Antar Laniyan


Ace Nollywood actor, Antar Laniyan has related how he was born after staying for over a year in his mother’s womb.

In a recent interview, he revealed how his name was deerived from the source of his birth.

“I was born here in Lagos and I remember mum said I stayed in the womb for 18 months, because she got pregnant for my father when he was in Oduduwa College. There was another lady who was interested in my father but according to my dad, he was also not aware that the lady was in love with him.

“My mother was probably faster than her and she didn’t take it easy with her. According to my mother, she almost lost her life in the process. In those days, you won’t sit and be watching a pregnant woman carry a pregnancy for 18 months, they have to go out for solution. It was during this finding that my dad was told there is somebody they have to  apologise to. Along the line, they got the person and after many apologies, she explained my mum’s offence. Then, she recommended that they should look for an animal called Antar {Goanna} to prepare concoction. Immediately my mum ate it, I was delivered.


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