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My most dramatic day in court


Ahmed Taiwo Azeez first bagged National Diploma Certificate in Accounting from Osun State polytechnic, Esa Oke in 2003/2004 before proceeding to study law in Ogun State University, where he was awarded LL.B in 2010 and called to bar in 2012. He had his NYSC programme in Kwara State with Adoration Chambers, Bola Rasaq Gold & Co. where he has been serving till date. In this interview, he shares with KAYODE ADEOTI his unforgettable day in court as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:

I can’t remember the date precisely but it happened sometimes in 2012, I was one of the lawyers defending the mandate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the Local Government Tribunal in Ilorin before Magistrate Adeyanju. Before that day, I have not had opportunity of facing any Judge or moving motion in court, reason being that I was a green horn and was just called to bar. As regards the matter at hand, I had not made any contribution all along. One professor Ijaodola led our team and for more than two months, we were on the matter.

Furthermore, while in court, on this fateful day, our team leader received a call from Dean of faculty, Igbinedon University, Edo State that he must appear before a panel. He just looked back and said, ‘Azeez, you will be the one to lead others, this is the file’ I exclaimed, saying, ‘sir, I don’t know anything about the case, how can I proceed? He said with confidence, you just have to lead others, and left abruptly.

The judge however asked what I wanted to do next, I said, my Lord, I don’t know what is inside the file even what the witnesses are coming to say and further prayed the court to stand down or adjourn the case. As a result of my request, the judge got furious and said, I will not stand down any matter here today.

Later, the opposing counsel called a witness, who I crossed-examined for like 30minutes. Because I was not composed, I was asking one question repeatedly. It got to a point that the judge allowed me to pull off my jacket having seen me sweating profusely. But lo and behold, the matter was decided in our favour. From that day onward, I learnt to always prepare ahead even if I’m not the one leading the matter.

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