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9 Ways to cope with Asthma


If your partner or child has asthma, use these strategies to help keep them safe and healthy.

  1. Keep an inhaler on hand:If there is any one drug that most asthmatics should have on board, it would probably be the albuterol inhaler. Majority of people with asthma can get quick relief from these “rescue” inhalers.
  2. Help your child monitor their asthma with a peak flow meter:Having your child blow into this portable device, which measures peoples’ ability to push air out of their lungs, can help you measure whether your child’s asthma treatment is working.
  3. Make some areas of the home pet-free zones:Cat and dog dander are common asthma triggers. Keeping pets out of your house or limiting where they can go in the house, especially in bedrooms, may help relieve some of the symptoms.
  4. Identify environmental triggers:Every person with asthma has different “triggers” — i.e., substances in their environment that can cause asthma symptoms to get worse or bring on an asthma attack. Some of the most common culprits are dust, pet dander (tiny flakes from a pet’s skin), mold, tobacco smoke, and air pollution. Certain foods may trigger asthma in some people as well.
  5. Keep your indoor environment clean:Although it is difficult to control all the possible asthma triggers in your home.
  6. Help them maintain a healthy weight:People who are obese may experience more asthma symptoms. Encourage healthy eating habits by preparing well-balanced meals.
  7. Take precautions when they exercise:If your child has asthma, ask their doctor about whether he or she should use an inhaler before exercising or participating in sports. Adults can also experience exercise-induced asthma, too — especially when the weather is cold and dry.
  8. Don’t crank up the humidifier or evaporative cooler:If your loved one is sensitive to dust mites or mold, avoid introducing too much moisture into the home.
  9. Eat in:Foods like cow’s milk, eggs, and fish can trigger allergic reactions in some people. It can be hard to tell which ingredients are in restaurant dishes, but you can avoid any problematic foods by cooking meals at home, instead.
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