Nigerian journalist, Ado Ahmad slumps, dies in US


Nigerian journalist, Tijjani Ado Ahmad, slumped and died, yesterday in the United States. According to his friend and colleague in the industry, Jafaar Jafaar, Tijajani was in the US on invitation by the US Embassy in Abuja to tour the states and meet with Nigerian students studying there. Sadly, he slumped and died earlier on Sunday.
Taking to his Facebook wall, Jafaar wrote: “Pray for Tijjani Ado Ahmad, a friend and professional colleague who slumped, died hours ago in America. As the presenter of Greeting from America (on Freedom Radio, Kano) he was invited by the US Embassy in Abuja to tour America and hear the stories of Nigerian students living there.
“The last time we spoke was an invitation he extended to me to feature on a programme he co-anchored, Barka da Hantsi, whenever I was in Kano. Tijjani was proficient in many beats and could get along with the most difficult newsmaker you knew. Two key assets journalists value are flair and contact. Tijjani had both! Rest in Peace, TJ.

…another falls from 5th floor, trying to evade arrest in Malaysi

Another Nigerian on Saturday was said to have fell from the fifth floor while trying to evade the police at Flora Damansara apartments in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
The unnamed Nigerian said to be in his 30’s, who broke his hand and nose during the fall, was among 51 foreigners nabbed in the Ops Black Flora on Friday.
Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said 171 foreigners were screened during the raid that lasted from 7pm to 11pm.
“Out of the 51 who were arrested, eight were women. The majority of them are from Nigeria while the others are from Nepal, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda,” he told a press conference.
Ten of those arrested tested positive for drugs. The raid, conducted following complaints by residents of illegal activities at the apartments, involved over 400 personnel from the police, Immigration Department and the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council.
However, some residents said the raid was “unnecessarily heavy handed.”
Frances Tan, 34, from Penang said the manner in which her Cameroonian husband of six years was hauled off, despite having proper travel documents, was too much.
“They took him away like a criminal in front of our two children. I told them that checking his documents is fine and there was no need to treat him like that but they refused to listen,” she said.
Tan said her husband, Ngan David Pagbe, 40, a professional basketball player in the Urban KL Basketball league was leaving the house for a match when he was detained.

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