Clear signs you wear too much makeup


Makeup is fashionable, but while some women can control the amount of makeup they use others just can’t. There is nothing exactly harmful in wearing too much makeup but it can put a woman in the negative light to those around her.
Every woman is beautiful with or without makeup but sometimes many women are seen using too much makeup on their face without even knowing it because they are used to it. As normal as it is to use makeup, wisdom and discretion are strongly advised so you don’t find yourself being too hooked to it as most men are easily put off by heavy makeup anyway.
Here are some signs that should tell you so.
People don’t recognise you without makeup: You know it’s gotten to the extreme when you no longer feel confident to go out without some makeup on your face, and even when you do, your friends have a difficult time telling it’s really you, it’s a bad position to find one’s self because it means you’ve lost your natural self.
Your makeup kits get exhausted early: There’s an accepted time-frame for some makeup kits to last for women, some last a quarter, others two months, or at least, a month but this isn’t applicable to women who use them heavily as they have to replace their kit a lot earlier than normal as a result of heavy usage.
You can’t stay natural: Heavy makeup users become addicted to its use over time, no matter what the occasion, they’re always painting and colouring their face; the average woman applies make up occasionally, especially when she’s heading out, however, even when she’s at home, the one who’s used to making up would apply some to her face because somehow, her face never feels normal without it.
Your body or clothes easily get smeared with makeup: When you use the right quantity of makeup, you look beautiful, and classy as well, without the usual side effect of abuse but people who use makeup heavily tend to have their clothing and other accessories on them smeared by makeup most of the time.

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