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My most dramatic day in court


Ibrahim Biodun Olojoku read Common and Islamic Law in the University of Ilorin, Kwara State and graduated in 2014, he proceeded to Nigeria Law School, Kano Campus and was called to bar in 2015. He had his NYSC programme in Edo State at Zulu Chambers. Upon his return to the state, he joined Alubarika & Associates where he has been till date. In this interview with KAYODE ADEOTI, he shares his outstanding experience as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:
The matter was between me and senior lawyers; one of them was so confident, loud and over beauty when he talks. That instilled in me a kind of fear that I will be thoroughly dealt with; I was representing the complainant.? They’ve earlier instituted a case against my client at the Magistrate Court, Ganmo, that makes the case at hand a sister case. But my client was eventually granted bail but the bail condition was so strenuous to the extent that we couldn’t perfect it that day, so he was remanded in prison.
The senior lawyers then felt that because my client was not in court, that would be an excuse for him to shove me off, but to God be the glory, I cited an authority and the ruling was delivered in my favour. One of the lawyers felt not satisfied and instead of him to file an appeal at the appropriate quarter, he was trying to convince the court to deliver another ruling, which was not possible. Why he continued the argument, the court asked me if I have anything to say so, in my address, I submitted that the senior colleague should approach the higher court to register his displeasure over the judgement and that putting pressure on the trial court over the matter is wrong. But in his argument, he told the trial judge to transfer the case, because he had no confidence in that court.
His prayer was granted and the matter was transferred to another court. Ordinary, I was supposed to be the one that will pick date but they went behind me to pick a date which was too far, I was furious over this, and decided to pick another date that was closer and I ensured they were served another summon and other processes required by law.
Afterwards, I was surprise to see these lawyers in our office; they came with an Alfa and pastor begging that we should settle the matter out of court. I felt so proud that I could make senior colleagues begged me even as a green horn in the profession. I was so happy. So, at the next adjourned date, we told the court that we’ve agreed to settle out of court and our prayer was granted.

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