Reverend father, sisters spotted chilling with bottles of beer 


A Reverend father and some reverend sisters were pictured chilling with bottles of beer after the day’s work in an unnamed South-eastern city in Nigeria.
The unusual pictures have gone viral since they were shared on social media platforms.
Ever since the pictures of the Reverend father and sisters went viral online, mixed reactions have continued to trail the issue especially from social media users on Facebook and twitter.
For a Facebook user, Stephen Princewill, there is nothing wrong in the actions of the Reverend father and sister as “it is written in the bible…Drink but don’t get drunk (drink and forget your sorrows).May be they are celebrating something or even acting… As far as they did not get drunk, there is no sin in it.”
Corroborating Princewill, another Facebook addict, Tochukwu Micheal said it is never a sin to drink beer, but it becomes one when somebody drinks to a state of foolishness.
“For all those condemning the priest, I speak common sense into your life,” he added.
According to one Comrade Wisdom Peter, who claims he resides in Europe, “the act is not strange even here in Europe, I do drink with Reverend father’s… stop complaining, I sometimes wonder where Nigeria’s learn their Christianity from.”
Another respondent, John Norj said he has seen many Catholic father, brothers and sisters around the world drinking alcohol. He warned against confusing Catholics with new age evangelical churches and millionaire priests who rob their congregation.
In a similar vein, Nkem Iheke stated that there is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink, after labour.
For Lofty Okoronkwo, he condemned the Catholics for trying to defend the Reverend father and sisters after being caught in the act.
“Catholics are trying to defend their Reverend father now, if it’s a pastor, we won’t hear word, let’s not pet sin, if this is true, it is bad,” he submitted.
Also, Tanimowo Olufemi Mario said, “Drinking beer or alcohol is not a taboo in Catholic, so please don’t let us see it as if they are committing any crime or sin. Getting drunk is what they shouldn’t do. I am not a Catholic and I know this fact.”

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