8 Security measures to reduce risk of armed robbery


There has been an increase in contact crime and armed robberies in recent time but there are a few things that you can be done to reduce risk of becoming the next victim.
1.Make being security conscious a lifestyle choice
This means getting into the habit of always being aware of your surroundings, whether you are at home relaxing, or commuting between home and work – security awareness will ensure that you are never caught off guard.
2.Be vigilant when arriving and leaving your property
Always be aware of your surroundings and if you notice suspicious individuals or vehicles lurking near your gate don’t risk an attack by opening the gate. Rather do a u-turn so that the suspects know you have seen them and then call your security company and ask for an escort home.
3.Criminals sometimes pose as visitors of neighbours and are often well dressed
So don’t assume that someone ringing the bell next door is harmless. Beware of repairmen, delivery staff and general workers near your home. Criminals often stake out properties before they stage a burglary or a robbery.
4.When at home keep all security gates locked and make sure windows are secured
5.Ensure that external beams and cameras as well as electric fences are always activated, even when you are home.  Early detection buys time to allow you to move to a safer, locked room.
6.Fitting the passage or bathroom door with additional locks will act as a barrier and buy time.
7.Keep a spare remote panic button in a waterproof container in the bathroom as house robbers often lock their victims in the bathroom.  Regularly test the remote to ensure it is working.
8.Criminals tend to break into bathrooms so ensure there is an external beam on the wall and that windows are adequately secured.

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