Maheeda goes completely unclad, she shows off curves in new photos


Former gospel singer and nudist, Maheeda is no stranger to sharing racy photos of herself on social media.
She just shared some new photos of herself on her Instagram page leaving little to the imagination as she goes completely unclad this time around
Recently, on her birthday, Caroline Sam, better known as Maheeda, recalled how she was defiled, used, deceived and shot with a gun.
The controversial gospel singer shared a message on her Instagram as she celebrated her birthday.
Maheeda, who was raised as an orphan, recalled how a prostitute sheltered and introduced her into prostitution.
She wrote, “Born throw way, had and still have no idea of where or who my relatives are, no education, no talent no one to support, my country needed help talk less of helping someone.
“I did house girl and bar girl jobs but none could help with my dream.
“But thank God I found a white guy that heard my life story and promised to give me hope.”

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