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Seplat petroleum closes operation from 1st Nov


Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC (SEPLAT) in pursuant to clause 17.2 of the Amendments to the listings rules of Nigeria Stock Exchange pleases to notify customers of closed period of the company beginning from November 1st to November 28th, 2017
The statement stated that in the run up to the announcement of the 2017 Half year results of SEPLAT, the closure will allow the company deals with shares and other important issues.
“In accordance with the provisions of SEPLAT’s share dealing policy, you and your connected persons relating to the company include the spouse, children and relatives.
“Others are agent or nominee, a trust of which the application person or any person connected to the beneficiary is considered.
The statement signed by the company Secretary, Dr. Miriam Kene Kachikwu added other criteria such as a legal entity in which the applicable person is connected the person is a partner.
The company also stressed that for more Information please contact SEPLAT company Secretariat.

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