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One nightmare most men face regularly is razor bumps, they appear on newly shaved skin and can be very irritating at times and are very unpleasant to the eyes because of the way they appeal. Bumps are preventable and curable so in case you have stubborn bumps that have refused to clear off here are some few tips to help prevent and clear those bumps.

Use an exfoliating scrub: An exfoliating scrub is used for cleansing and softening of the hair and pores on your skin, this would rid your skin of dead tissues, and even out its tone. Using warm water to massage the hair around the to-be-shaved region may also be helpful.

Use single-edged blades: Shaving with razors that have more than one edge can contribute to causing you bumps, because they tend to shave too close to the skin, and cut hair at a level beneath the surface of the skin, which increases the possibility of curly hair curling backwards into the skin before it has a chance to break the surface of the skin so, it’s always better to go for a single-edged blade.

Shave in the direction that the hair grows: Avoid shaving in an opposite direction to the one the hair on your skin grows — going against this advice would cause you to give yourself a closer shave, which can cause you to get bumps, also, avoid shaving an area multiple times, as this can also give you a closer shave.

Use a moisturising shaving cream: Moisturisers are soothing on the skin, so if you’re going to get a shaving cream, it should have a moisturiser; before you shave, make sure you apply the cream around the area you want to shave, and leave it there for a while at least, 1 minute.

Use an aftershave solution: After shaving, the skin around the shaved area is usually irritated, so this is where an aftershave comes in handy, when you buy an aftershave, make sure it contains aloe vera, tea tree oil; they are ingredients that can help soothe your skin and reduce discomfort after you shave.

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