How 11-yr-old housemaid sucked blood, killed madam in 7 months


A 41-year-old woman, Foluke Olusola Joseph ( Nee Paseda ) and mother of three, lost her life through a blood sucking 11-year-old housemaid she brought into her Lagelu estate home, Felele, Ibadan, Oyo State capital, seven months before her untimely death.

While narrating the sad incident, the widower, said.

Mrs. Joseph

“How do I begin to explain the mysterious way my wife died from the wickedness and witchcraft of an 11- year- old housemaid who spent barely seven months with us.

“How can I explain that a child we brought into this house sometimes in April, fed and treated her well, could be the cause of the untimely death of my wife. The same girl confessed that she has been feeding fat, sucking the blood of my wife for that past six months?”

“Hello doctor,” the widower began the discussion and eventually handed the phone to honourable.

There was no need to strain my ears to listen to their discussion. Femi, the widower already put the phone on speaker and from their discussion, the doctor said he could not link any cause to the woman’s death after several test. He added that the deceased also received the very best of treatment and seemed to be recovering until she gave up the ghost around 5am on Tuesday.

“It was after her body was deposited at the private mortuary in Jericho. Only then did we conclude that it was indeed a spiritual attack,” the doctor added.

How did it happened? I really don’t want to get myself involved in asking questions. Luckily for me, Femi brought out his phone where both the audio and visuals of the girl’s confession was recorded.

We were all spellbound to hear the damaging confession of the little girl who was brought into the house by the widower’s sister from Osun State.

Mind you, the girl isn’t an indigene of Osun, I learnt she is from Benue or an Igede.

Bose, the widower’s sister was called in to explain how it all happened. According to Femi, he sent the housemaid packing two weeks before the death of his wife as he could no longer cope with the little girl.

“My spirit has not really been in tune with that girl since she stepped into my house and I began marathon prayers all alone for God to take control and right in the middle of the prayer one night, I heard a voice to send the girl out of my house if I really want peace in my house.

“My wife was a very prayerful person I’m just shocked how the maid had her way because from her confession she often laughed at my wife whenever she is praying.

“She nearly wrecked havoc in Bose’s home too within the four days she spent with them which shows that God has been with us in the house since.”

Bose was startled as she explained; ‘This girl was not the first maid that would be in this house but when she came to my house after uncle Femi sent her packing, she confessed that she is a witch who had sucked the blood of her madam for six months now.

“To be honest, immediately the girl came in, we all noticed that aunty became thin while the girl suddenly turned fat.

“Aunty was even joking with her one day that she should please help tell her mates to stop sucking her blood, the girl said ‘alright ma, she will relay her message to the group.

“Not until the fourth day Uncle Femi sent her packing that I noticed the powdery contents of my baby’s food in her mouth. I initially thought she stole from the baby food only for my baby to be vomiting all the food I gave him. At that stage, I knew something strange has happened to my baby and I began to scream and descend on the girl.

“She later begged and said she will confess,’ Confess what?,’ I asked.

“She began by saying she is a witch and the leader of her group which comprises of about 10 members and that they hold their meetings on the highway.

“The maid added that she had tried to kill the baby but because the child is strong willed and God is with him, he vomited all the poison she spilled into his feeding bottle.”

Bose said she was shocked and had to call everyone at home to come and hear the confession which she also recorded.

“The girl continued by saying she spilled blood into the pap she was asked to prepare for their grandmother and also spit saliva inside the pap for her to drink.

“We further inquired about other damages she had done and she continued by saying she has a spiritual button in the house and that whenever she presses it the blood of her madam would be drained into the keg which she sucks together with her group during their meeting.

According to Bose, she said the ‘girl witch’ said she fell in love with the first child of her madam – a 10-year old boy when she arrived and all efforts to make the boy fall in love with her proved abortive.

“Madam’s boy is strong spiritually too, all my efforts in wooing him into our society proved abortive as I usually lure him with snack and biscuit even food from me, this boy would reject it, that was why in our meeting we decided to feed on his mother’s blood.”

Bose said that a day after the maid confessed, they noticed that her body was swollen with numerous signs of being beaten badly and when they asked what may be responsible the girl said she was badly beaten by her group for confessing. Wounds were also said to be discovered all over her.

“We pleaded with her to release my sister and she said there is nothing God cannot do only for her to give up the ghost eventually.

“This was more than I could bear and when I was asked to pray for the family, the holy spirit gave me few messages which I related to them for further prayers.

“On Friday October 6, we went for the funeral of Mrs Foluke Olushola Joseph (Nee Paseda) whose picture is attached to this story.”



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