My business, a call to solve societal problem – CEO D-Positive Image Consult


The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of D-Positive Image Consult, Mr. Nasir AbdulQuadri, is involved inhuman capital development.

He explored his oratory skills to mould the society through motivational speeches.

Abdulquadri, who is an Economics graduate from Bayero University Kano, started his career working as a tax consultant with Kwara State government and worked with various commercial banks as a staff and consultant.

His zeal to make positive impact, made him quit his paid job to start up his firm in 2012.

“Right from school days I had always like the ideas of teaching, reorientation and capacity building. I had always wanted to be involved in community and nation building.

“Also, when I moved to the banking sector as a retail staff, I work with people at the grassroots and realised that the bulk of money in this country is generated from them. The market women, artisans and other small scales businesses.

“I realised my passion and calling for youths development, human capital development and training. And I have this philosophy about entrepreneurship that it’s a calling and the reason for living is to solve societal problems.

Abdulquadri revealed that adding to lives has been the propelling force for him; giving back to the society.

“I was part of the team that started the centre for entrepreneurship at KWASU, we have touched lives among the students, speaking to about three million youths on how to transform the society through their creative skills and we have always been getting feedback from them.

D-Positive Consult is into entrepreneurship, management and leadership training, business development consultancy, marriage and career counseling, public policy advocates, web/ICT specialist.

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