There’s no big deal sleeping way to the top  – Actresses


Sisters and actresses Tracy and Treasure Daniels have said they see nothing wrong with their colleagues having to sleep their ways to the top.

In a recent interview, the twin-sisters said the end should justify the means.

“Everything is possible and nothing is new or news. There are fair and foul means of achieving every set goals and each one comes with a price.

“Life is about choices and people are free to choose the one they can deal with. No one is better than another, so we don’t pay that any attention. We just follow the path we choose for ourselves; steady and focused till we get there.

On sexual advances from married men, they said: “It would be an obvious lie for any girl in our position to say no to this question. But remember these are not just admirers, but fans and fans are the ones who determine our ability to sell and how we are rated in our career. So, we have to make them remain loyal even if they don’t get through their wishes.

Speaking on their most embarrasing moment on the screen, they said, “It was when one of us wanted to play smart and switched roles in the movie entitled: ‘A friend of Mine’. Tracy was supposed to be on set, but she also had a date with her boyfriend on that day. So, we agreed that rather than cancel the date, Treasure would stand in and help shoot her scenes. Little did we know that the director would find us out. Kabat was a very smart person, and good director. We give it up to him.”


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