What advice would you give your partner who found bag with N30m?


Imagine a scenario whereby your partner stumbles on a briefcase containing the sum of N30million naira and he/she is torn between returning or keeping it. What would be your advice? ASKS KAYODE ADEOTI.

Susan Omokore (Auditor) – I’ll advice him to invest it: It is God’s provision and a miracle. So, I will advice him to invest the money in property business.

Morenikeji Adigun (Student) – I won’t allow him to return it: Firstly, we look for a productive business to invest in. It will change our status. It will be stupid of me to advice him to take the money to the police. If there is complimentary card in the beg, then that is a different case, we would return it.

Monisola Adewuyi (Civil servant) – We would see it as divine miracle: What a miracle, it the Lord’s doing and it is going to be used judiciously. Our level will change even upon sighting the money. We will use it well.

Tope Akanbi (Corps member) – We’ll donate to orphanage, give tithe, invest: I don’t need to advice him. We will donate N2million to orphanage home. Give N1million as tithe and the remaining money will be used to start up business and build house.

Wuraola Bilikis (Sale Reps) – We will relocate from the country: Ahh! That means we have  hammer (made it) We have been blessed immeasurably. I will advice him that we should  relocate to Ghana first and start better life afresh.

Prince Akande Deji (Banker) – I pray it comes true: I don’t need any advice on that, I know what to use it for. I pray it comes my way.

Emmanuel Emma (Engineer) – I will see it as God’s blessing: I’ll relocate to another country. I don’t need to advice anyone on it or anyone to advice me. This is Nigeria not America where our leaders steal our money everyday.  I can’t steal, so it may just be God’s way of ameliorating my present condition.

Eniola Adebayo (Model) – I will enjoy life: Hmm! I will advice her that we should relocate to South Africa where we can enjoy life better.  I like women, so part of the money will go into that. I will be happy.



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