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‘Pay regular visits to graves for increased faith in Allah’


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Olorunsogo Central mosque, Ilorin, Kwara State, Sheikh Solihu Ajetunmobi has advised Muslims to visit graves regularly to remind them of death and make them reflect deeply on their lives.
The Imam who gave the advise while delivering his sermon at a Jumat service, added that the world and everything in it is vanity.
He said: “Such action will make Muslims to understand the vanity of this world and drive home the message that the hereafter is the ultimate. As Muslims, criteria for success is not how many cars or houses one has or how we were able to amass wealth with fat bank accounts all over the world. Success for us is whether we were able to worship Allah diligently and bowing to him with our foreheads in prayer and humility. That will grant us the ticket to paradise, for  death can come at any time.”
He urged Muslims to open their hearts to the teachings of Islam so as not to be misled or distracted in the worship of Allah.
The cleric noted that the deeds are connected with the state of the mind, saying that if it is corrupt, there would be reflection in the deeds of individuals.
According to him, Muslims should eengage regularly in Qur’anic recitation so that the hearts can be attuned to godly things and not be misled by Satan.
Ajetunmobi further noted that Muslims who harden their hearts will not be partakers of the mercy of Allah, urging them to ensure spiritual purification of their hearts.
“Those with hardened hearts are moving far from Allah. No matter the sermon, the situation will remain the same. People with such heart will find it difficult to perform any good deed and will easily turn to bad people in the society.
“If the heart that is opened to teachings of the Glorious Qur’an and sermons, will observe good deeds, will shun bad acts that can lead one astray.
“The diseased heart commits bad deeds and the good heart commits good deeds. When your heart is pure, every part of you is good and good deeds will naturally overwhelm you and vice versa.
“Al-Qur’an is the only key to move closer to Allah and have peace of mind. Reading of Qur’an will help our heart and make us subservient and amenable to implement God’s injunctions,” he added.

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